I WANT YOU hosted by VA$HTIE



I WANT YOU hosted by VA$HTIE

Shortly before we got his third mixtape I WANT YOU, Theophilus London released a DIY promo video for the track “Life Of A Lover”. The record loops lazily to show us a new look: pretty girls dancing with each other at a show, young dudes headnodding, the crush of cameras and hard flash that now follows us everywhere we go, a cut to Theophilus in monochrome riding in a Vespa gang through Chinatown en route to Brooklyn and then back to the dance—a mic cord drifting slowly in and out of the frame and his hand reaching out to bring a girl on stage. That is all and this is it: inspired by Marvin Gaye’s self-imposed European exile and controversial performance of the national anthem at the 1983 NBA All Star game, I WANT YOU is a collection of dark jams that restlessly examines the promise of love beyond lifestyle. Touching on LA electrofunk, UK indie, tropical escapade and obscure afropop you never knew existed, these are stories from the way we live now: missed connections and misunderstandings, video chats and retweets, returns and deliverables. We know today is all black everything but more to the point: this is now noir as we know it. And this is Theophilus London.”



36 Responses to “I WANT YOU hosted by VA$HTIE”

  1. mr. wesley johnson Says:

    It’s here!

  2. damn man, thanks for this art THEO, “well,” all of the art you give out to the us the listeners.

  3. London aka gooniegoogoo Says:

    Thanks for the mixtape. THIS IS DOPE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just got into t.l this month! daaaayyyyyyyyyyyyum.

  4. Already posted at http://www.theralphiverse.tumblr.com. Just want to say I love you, you inspire me & I’m totally excited to sit down and have this experience. An Erykah Badu album & a Theophilus London mixtape all in a couple months! This is gonna be a great summer! “This is the Life of a Loverrr!”

  5. Refreshing!!! Thank you for making some illness;) x

  6. midnightkat Says:

    Yes the web is going crazy over this!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Thank you! I’ll spread it wherever I can..

  8. this mixtape is on point! great choice of sampled songs. thanks for this, it will be on repeat throughout my summer for sure.

  9. Thank you Theophilus for producing another mind blowing mixtape. This music game is yours for the taking. Peace from LDN!!

  10. your best work to date homie.
    the soundtrack for summer 2010 romances worldwide.

  11. kvnchthm Says:

    Be waiting forever! Today is a good day.

  12. Dope dude! keep up the hard work. I’m a friend of Treats and a new THEO FAN!!

  13. Apparently its not available?

  14. AWWWW MAN, i was at work all day and the sendspace is down. new link needed!!!

  15. The name of the mixtape is more appropriate then ever right now.

    When I went to the link to download the mixtape and so that it was removed I breathed a heavy sigh and while saying “I Want You.”

    When will there be a new link to download the mixtape?


  16. …and it’s taken down?

  17. London aka gooniegoogoo Says:

    haha dl all ur old mixtapes now just vibin to em there helpin me write my essays and im really from london haha.

  18. listened to it 3 times yesterday, pure genius keep it up dude. shit is amazing.

  19. You just made my day. It’s brilliant!

  20. Is that Ezra Koenig on ‘Pyromiltia’?

  21. TOP ! i shared your mixtape on my blog : http://www.uglymely.com/

  22. Nice album, mixed well as well. Even Bumps in the whip with subs… “No Answers” & “Dont Be Afraid” are my joints so far…

  23. Loved the mix! im an up coming artist and you inspire me so much. KEEP UP THE GOOD VIBE!

  24. boigenius07 Says:

    Now downloading.

  25. lovin the mixtape, your instrumentals are just perfectly chosen.
    ‘a strangers heart’ is great. (jack penate xx remix!?)
    (i loved the claro intelecto song on the other mixtape)
    and for god sake go commercial! i would love to see you sing with david guetta or will i am 😛

  26. Lee jones Says:

    never heard of this guy until today. checked out the new mixtape on livemixtapes (due to the album cover). by far one of the best mixtapes ive heard in a while! keep makin music like this!!!

  27. the dude Says:

    very nice mixtape. accept the new is my fav dance to track
    excited so see u in munich on the 18th.
    siaa there



  29. first time hearing you and I’m liking your ear for music…very eclectic. Shared it on my blog. Keep up the good work!

  30. Link’s gone again!

  31. Where can I get this mixtape!? the link is always bad… i got ur other mixtapes but cant find this one anywhere! ill buy it! what do i gotta do to get it? ur music might be a drug haha

  32. bugalooshrimp Says:

    slater – i think its steely dan – caves of altamira. Its such an obscure track, written by a guy known for a canadian hockey song…great track for TL nonetheless

  33. thank you for the link =)

  34. Feelin it Bro! Bringin that different style and makin it look good..Keep up the work!

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