Dear Friends

Got some great news.  My debut EP “Lovers Holiday” (Warner Bros) was released on iTUNES & AMAZON today!!!!!!

iTunes link:

Amazon link:

Also… more BIG news.  I’ll be making my first TV appearance on Valentine’s Day (2/14) on “Late Night show With David Letterman”.
So set your DVR’s to record a RARE performance of “Why Even Try”

+ That same night I am headlining at Williamsburg Music Hall along side my buddies New Look & Popo.

If you wanna kick it with us on this lovers holiday with your valentine get your tix


2011 is off to an amazing start!  Thanks for your support!

6 Responses to “LOVERS HOLIDAY OUT NOW!!!”

  1. peep my site, theo. Love the artwork for the new album, def will be checking your performance of Letterman. Nvce!

  2. Congratulations love! Always excited to see your forward progression!

  3. Lindsey Trimble Says:

    I just called ticket master and they said they don’t have your event. Maybe it’s sold out or maybe that’s just if you call in they said they had a show for the 16th. I’m going to just try and order with my card and see what happens instead of by phone

  4. Hey, not sure of the appropriate spot to ask this question, but do you do college shows? And could you ballpark how much it would cost? Thanks, currently writing an article about Mr. London for my school newspaper.

  5. I love it! Been a fan for a while now and I got to say your def my favorite artist right now. I know this EP is about to jump you off BIG TIME! Cant wait to see your success.
    -Fan from GA
    -The Kingdom Kid

  6. Christian Says:

    a little late, but enjoying it now…Thanks

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