6 Responses to “OOPS feat LINDSAY LOHAN”

  1. couldn’t walk past this and not re-post to my blog. Without a doubt the hottest track x art direction i’ve seen in so long…….never thought anyone could out do Tweet!

    Is this avaliable for download anywhere?

    Huge love!


  2. love your rendition of this song…it is absolutely amazing! and the video is impressive as well 🙂 keep doing what you’re doing, i love your music.

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  3. I am so impressed, I really love your music, the way you express yourself as an individual it’s simply breath taking. not to mention how down to earth your blog posts make me squeal with delight, you’ve got nice swag and spice!

    I am your biggest fan! no doubt, all the best mr.theophilius london u rock!!

  4. fcuking amazing! sex: actualized.

  5. LOVE! I would give you a rose for this

  6. Sex cigarettes and words ,disturbing .

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