All I remember pretty much is the rain and the rain and the rain. Not mad at rain… but all the time?

All jokes aside i write alot of my songs during rain and thunderstorms.

Most cities i only get to see for 11 hours. Within those 11 hours there is a soundcheck a hotel and a live show…. oh and food, which all the time is BAD.

This is our Tour bus aka 7 series and My pal ZEB from POPO
He joined me on tour to play drums and cue tracks.

Manchester was a special show to us. Playing new music. Opening for Big Boi and throwing back shots of whiskey during intro breaks was quite a thrill.. Not to mention tagging up every wall we seen.


2 Responses to “MANCHESTER”

  1. Where can I buy your music? I only can get a whole of them in youtube

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