[WATCH] 10 mins in Trinidad

Click Photos to See VIDEO

shot and edited by Vashtie


3 Responses to “[WATCH] 10 mins in Trinidad”

  1. Wesley Roberts Says:

    Hey Dope Vid Music Is Good Too.
    And I Was Wondering If I Could Get Your EMail
    Because I Live In Arizona
    And I Love You(No Homo)
    And EveryOne Rocks Fake Jesus Pieces And Fake Chains The Makes Everyones
    Neck Green And I Was Wondering If You Could Mail Me One Of Your
    Camera Necklaces You Know The One That You Rock At Concerts
    Just Because
    1.Your Dope
    2.I Like Different And Want To Represent You
    3.Dope Idea
    4.It’ll Be My Like Cross You Know
    Well Theo I Watched Your Interviews And You Said Your A Nerd
    And You Check Your Comments So
    Please Comment Me Back Please
    I”ll Pay For Like Shipping Fee Or SomeThing

  2. haha yall violated old dude or sumthing? he looked like he was cussin some one out

  3. Marcello Says:


    Your the fucking man dude. I just wanted to holla at you with two quick questions: what song are you preforming when you get the model to “break it down” and where did you get all those sick old school college snap backs?

    Keep killing it,

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