15 Responses to “EUROPE I WANT YOU”

  1. Finally! Been waitin for this for over a year now. Just bought my tickets for the cologne concert! See you there man!

  2. Ouch, no Barcelona 😦

  3. see you in munich. good lookin man.

  4. amazing im coming to manchester 🙂

  5. Dear lovely Theophilus,
    we think this is just another comment from bloggers to you, but actually we wanted to try it.
    You’ll come to munich in 8 days and we wanted to ask you to take 5 minutes for us to have the chance to see you and ask you some questions. We got a little blog for 2 months right now and its going pretty well. Anyway, if you don’t have the time or desire to see us we’re excited to see you on stage and we will support your great work also in the future as we do right now.
    Much love

  6. yaii yoo
    good music
    but the mixtape´s not online any more,
    upload again please!

  7. Just received my ticket today.. we’ll meet in Cologne!! I’m so excited!!

  8. I wonder how much money you get from the ticket sale, lol.

  9. You know about that ash cloud over europe?

  10. I’ll be at Blue Flowers! See you there

  11. cillian grant Says:

    Can’t believe you’re not comin to Dublin! :/

  12. E doodle Says:

    america wants you!

  13. You just killed it in Cologne!

  14. I saw your show in Hamburg last Thursday. You are a very big and seldom talent! I love your sounds! I like your moves! And when you maybe come back to Hamburg again, hang up a thousand posters, shout, scream, freak out and tell everybody that you are here! I know that in this town are a thousand of people who will love to see your fresh life performance.
    I think your internet presentations are much too one-sited. You should show more about your inspirations and what it means to be a musician, with all the ideas and feelings. That’s much more interesting than to see any party situations. The most of our lifetime we are not in a party situation, we are happy or sad or bored or concentrated, in love in hate or just in a freaky funky mood. Show it, let it out and you will see a Million of people will listen to it!

    Go on, you’re awesome and it was a present to see you!


  15. Next time you will come in France, don’t forget to come to Nice City (french riviera). The famous “Lino Ventura” theater is waiting for you … 😉

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