“Guardian Man”

My first bit of controversy stirs from across the pond!

Paul Lester a writer for The Gaurdians website wrote a “New Band of the day” piece on me that was quite confusing or maybe just written to impress the office buddies. Either way I loved it. I was kinda upset that Mr. Lestor had just come across a mixtape that was released over a year ago. so for fun in Pyromiltia … i felt the need to say hi :0

Hey Mr. Paul Lester / Your “the Gaurdian Man” catch up.

It seems that you was partying to a mix from a year ago huh? / Fess up

who’s next up? / ICHE LEGE YOU?!

Where the bullets at ill Fist you

See kno one wants to hurt you Paulie 🙂

Via The Gaurdian


5 Responses to ““Guardian Man””

  1. Hey TL. I’m a huge fan and would love to interview you for my new online magazine for Trinis. It’s a new pet project of mine. Hopefully we can link when you come next month. Doubles on me or roti in Debe 😀 Anyway, I really hope we can link.

  2. Felipe C. Says:

    The way you replied to this critic just shows your superiority comparing to this man. Kinda late considering this mixtape, wich is amazing, was released 1 year ago… Keep up the good work Theophilus, shouts from Brasil

  3. AstroKid. Says:

    That’s hilarious! I was wondering who Paul Lester was.

    Can you post the lyrics up to your songs, I can’t find them anywhere.
    Your music is MAJOR!

  4. Theophilus, you are the best my man. Your music is inspiring and full of energy, keep doing your thing kid!

  5. I actually don’t think it was that bad…or confusing…or even a diss. It sounds like a guy who’s listened to tons of music for decades and can smell a young artist still in development. Even though he’s late….he might still be right. I think it’s pretty dope that he compared you to Costello and Moz..and even PM Dawn. They were all groundbreaking in their own way, and they were also young once, looking for a voice. Keep on trucking. And keep your eye out for L.A. artist Sumkid and his band, The Milky Way….I can see you guys touring together soon. Both very progressive guys….

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