Electric Bike Man meets Sea Creatures For “Accept The New” Collage

DOWNLOAD “ACCEPT THE NEW”  prod. by Dam Funk (Fantasy)


Look out all week for fresh exclusives and give aways!!


17 Responses to “ACCEPT THE NEW”

  1. ayeitsdee Says:

    Too freaking dope man!

  2. Herb Manischewitz Says:

    Love this!!!!

  3. dope beat, and the lyrics flow like none-other.

  4. .randomly found out about a 4 months ago. by far every song is.the soundtrack of my life.

    this mixtape is gonna be my summer soundtrack.


    .joie de vivre.

  5. mayne this guy has the Tron Light bike at the intro def a dope song I just got hip to DaM funk like a month ago coincidence i think not, Newness accepted

  6. Dope man! Yo where can i get one of those camera necklace things i seen you wear before, did you make it? Is there any way i could buy one or…idk? Haha its dope

  7. nice.. ethereal

  8. That’s that Next level sound right there.

  9. c’est tout simplement génial

  10. Gursharon Says:

    Yeah I accept the new! Love it.
    I’m so excited to hear more from you, keep it up! x.

  11. terribletony Says:

    very inspiring

  12. Theophilus,

    Thanks for this. I was in the front row at the Malverde Lounge at SXSW.
    I was the one who gave you that special Wine & Bowties card. Hope you
    enjoyed it. We’ll be featuring the “Accept The New” video later tonight.

    Keep up the great work. Please let us know how we can help support.

    – Max

  13. tell em theo! sounds like a classic. this shit would be crazy on vinyl…

  14. By far the best track I’ve heard this year… This is DEFO’S gonna be the hottest track this summer.


  16. amazing the bike.
    will the new mixtape be available on itunes?
    jus wondering

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