Humdrum Town


2 Responses to “Humdrum Town”

  1. It would be so dope if you did a Humdrum Town Remix EP

  2. Theophilus,

    I wrote to you a few months back when we were still on a blogspot, and you hit me back. It was a great moment in my blogging career and gave me a lot of inspiration. Seems as though we’ve both progressed in our pursuits since that time.

    We recently presented Humdrum Town on Wine & Bowties earlier this week. Just wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on the video. I thought it was thoughtful, unique and genuine. The feel is so ’83 but deliberately 2010. The motorcycle, the muted colors, the loafers. All excellent touches. Keep up the great work. You’ve got our support.

    Here’s a link to the write up:


    Max Gibson

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