My first Car was a………

1995 Geo Tracker

This is what I was pushing in HS and College….. #GotNoLadies


4 Responses to “My first Car was a………”

  1. i had a four door car but you could only use three…but my sound system was banging. Never changed the shoes. Wasn’t into changing car shoes. Your first car is always the one your girlfriend wants to be to you. hehe

  2. U mean to tell me the ladies weren’t giving it up? That’s madness

  3. I was pushing a ’93 Honda Accord with automatic seatbelts. One day I was trying to make a move on a girl crush of mine when the seatbelt jammed and started moving backwards, nearly choking that girl. I courageously (sort of) cut her seat belt off, but the damage was done. She didn’t press charges, but that was the last time she went out with me.

  4. * ’91 Honda Accord

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