-2I personally couldn’t wait to travel so i could sleep every bit of it. And hey that’s what i did! 7 hour plane ride to London and 5 hour bus ride to Nottingham. zzzzzzzzzs | After that all I remember was eating pizza and watching BBC wildlife documentaries in a huge green room with tour headliner JACK PENATE.

-4-5-6SHOW TIME! The Sold Out Crowd at Trent University was very receptive and Lovely. Got my first Panties thrown on stage.. to bad they were XXL. lol thx tho!-3

Next Stop: BRISTOL

ps: All My LDN heads… Show at Brixton Fridge is almost sold out…. get your TIX HERE

via (First Generation IPHONE)


2 Responses to “TOUR DAY 1 | NOTTINGHAM”

  1. Damn bro Uk show’s mad love. U built a good prestige out there. Good job. Js swing by Chicago though.

  2. hey XXL is betta then no panties thrown at ya

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