Welcome Home Dude……

shynePicture 15iphone-vs-blackberry-9000jpg

Nope Beepers are not in anymore bro!


15 Responses to “Welcome Home Dude……”

  1. MozThaGreat Says:

    i luv mac n all but im blackberry 4 life

  2. blackberry = business

    iphone = toy


  4. Basically, to put it straight,
    the iphone is more of a children’s toy.
    Listening to music on youtube maybe the coolest thing ever for our everyday youngsters but speaking out of experiance;
    I automatically recommend Blackberry’s beauty and charm for ages from teenagers and upwards.

    Love it. Live with it.

  5. I think bb is better than iphone 😀

  6. hich nuk jan mobila tmir

  7. Skywalka Says:

    i think all you people are jas in your head a phone is a phone and i love my 5110 Nokia!!!!! Tina ima naai you!

  8. me gusto mas el bold qe el apple

  9. whitney Says:

    iphoooooone! If you have one- call me

  10. super soldier on holiday Says:

    Iphone rocks.. the user decids if the iphone is a toy or nott.. with all the apps and buyible items you kan add you can make it too the best work phone ever.. and the iphone is much stronger then the bb.. the apperens is better capacity and creativity is better.. its mac nothing can go wrong

  11. some one Says:

    blabery sockes
    i phone badas

  12. some one Says:

    lost nba

  13. sexgurltoy Says:

    I have an iphone and with the new 4.0 software on itunes i hate it there is all kinds of lag and its just screwed up im going to europe this week and i hope my phone gets fried maybe so i can get a blackberry

  14. I am cosidering to get a bb should I,my iPhone works great

  15. i like to buy children toys that are educational too, in this way, your kids can learn by playing :.-

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