Vintage Find!!!!


Original Air Jordan VIII – Aqua Tone



4 Responses to “Vintage Find!!!!”

  1. blackrusshin Says:

    Yeah buddy! Loves the 8’s bru’

  2. Theophilius L must to sign with a big label
    to create his first full LP with some great
    famous producers, to get some shine !

    G.O.O.D. Music OR a London’s Label maybe lol along with Craig David, Kano, Roots Manuva, Dizzee Rascal

    To Me I think that TL can create different type of collaborations

  3. weknowbigsean Says:

    ^I’d rather hear some indie/up-and-coming producers work with Theo than the generic “big names.”

    Signing to a big label doesn’t always guarantee getting shine either.

  4. Ha, I thought this post was about some J’s. But are they a vintage find, or are those the retros? I found a pair for $33 at Buffalo Exchange in Berkeley about a year ago. Definitely some of my favorite J’s.

    We launched our new website today. I think it will serve the artists we feature better, as the look and feel of the site is more spacious now. Like I said in my letter, I’m going to put them up on the shuffle next. Keep doing your thing. Our site was literally created to your music. Grey X Sage & Day One Fans to be specific.

    Max Gibson

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