Diesel:U:Music Tour NYC Line-Up Includes Drake, Passion Pit, Theophilus London, The Roots




Diesel Radio to broadcast live from Diesel 5th Avenue Planet store

July 15, 2009. New York City. The 2009 Diesel:U:Music winners, HEARTSREVOLUTION and The Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt! will perform live July 30th at NYC’s Webster Hall alongside an all-star line-up: Theophilus London with a surprise guest; Passion Pit; Cobra Starship, hip-hop’s newest all star Drake; and Grammy® winning The Roots with a special guest collaboration. Stay tuned as these mystery guests are unveiled week-by-week leading up to the performance.

All Diesel fans will have a chance to witness this private event with a limited amount of invitations to be given away at participating Diesel stores. One must show up to participating stores in a pair of Diesel jeans to qualify.

July 25th and 26th at Lexington at 60th Street at 5pm (until supplies last)
July 27th and 28th 5th Avenue and 54th Street at 5pm (until supplies last)
July 29th and 30th Union Square at 14th Street at 5pm (until supplies last)

The first-ever fashion brand to launch a radio station in 2008, Diesel announces Diesel Radio to launch live in NYC Monday for six days. Starting July 20th through July 25th the window of the 5th Avenue Planet store will turn into a living radio station. The west-facing window looks out onto 5th Avenue and measures 18 feet by 8 feet. Over 50 shows will take place live in the window.

Special technology will be applied to the window in which consumers will be able to listen to the recording while viewing the station from outside. Station hours are from 10am to 9pm, each of the six days. Daily schedule and guest bios to post each and every day on www.dieselumusic.com.


3 Responses to “Diesel:U:Music Tour NYC Line-Up Includes Drake, Passion Pit, Theophilus London, The Roots”

  1. is there anyway you can get me in!! I am the first to comment on this post and I love your music as well as all the other artist performing at this event! You all give me faith that great music will always be around, (at least for the next few decade)s

  2. sweet sweet sugar.. i wish i could be there!
    p.s. i just bought this charming man off itunes!
    i love it!

  3. solana sosalino Says:

    sooo i didnt kno where else to put this or how to have you read this .. but all of my friends ( and a few of yours saint gfcny kareem from L&D to name a few ) have been telling me how talented you are.. i’ve met u a few times (SOB’s, and wale’s show in soho) u were very sweet and respectful. But not until 10 minutes ago did i fall in love with your music .. you are sooo talented .. i havent been moved by soemones cadance and delivery since common ..seriously .. ur great and i NEVER say tht . cold pillow is it. ur way ahead of ur time. and as a vocalist and fellow artist its really inspiring to see and hear a young black man contribute to fixing what “they” ruined .. hip hop. i’d be more than honored to have you on my upcomming mixtape project. but dont wanna get into me . just wanted to say tht i was truly moved by YOUR work . well done keep it up and dont get lost in the buerocracy and arrogance of it all 😉 peace and blessings – solana

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