We had a great Authentic Sh*t show last friday, Theophilus London made a special guest interview and amazing in studio performance as he arrived in NYC from London ! Shout out to him, he dropped a few world premiers for us, so best to check the stream below, Then my homegirl MNDR stepped up on the club tip and we made a song live on the air, she killed it and then Mr London came back and jumped on B-more Gutter track and they both ripped it. Save this show kids as these artists are set to blow and this was a really fun LaCrate session. VIdeo coming soonish. SHOUT TO ALEXANDER !


Via Milkcratenyc


4 Responses to “EVR BLAST OFF ft THEOPHILUS LONDON & MNDR download”

  1. So much fun!

    I love This Charming Mixtape. So great. Looking forward to your show at Webster Hall.

  2. you are a sick artist! Your songs are fire and I can’t get enough. When are you gonna be performing in the NYC again? I gotta catch one of your shows.


  3. King James Says:

    i still can’t get over how sick tnt is. the song, the video; most def one of the best songs i’ve heard in a while. keep going mate

  4. My dude.. all I listen to is Passion Pit, Feist, and Theophilus London (no particular order). Great taste!

    That new version of Ultraviolet is CRACK.

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