Amsterdam Madness GTA 5

Amsterdam felt like a new planet. The locals travel in bikes everywhere. I’ve been hearing so much about Amsterdam, so this was the most anticipated city to play. We had two days off to just chill after 5 shows in a row. I was so relieved. The city was wild. Beautiful Women every where. Every thing is legal for some reason… (EVERYTHING)  I was still so stuck on the fact that you can purchase weed from stores (coffee shops) At the red light district gals are in the windows knocking for you. Be careful it could be a felt like being in a Grand Theft Auto 5 game!! lol

Picture 19
coffee shop

did some interviews with the forward thinking emerging youth of Amsterdam.. Click pic if u can read dutch!
Picture 16Some Bros drove all the way from Germany to catch the show!!! Thsy all surprised me with Camera/rockect necklace.


Vodpod videos no longer available.

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One Response to “Amsterdam Madness GTA 5”

  1. Maurits Rozema Says:

    haha yes i can read dutch, and live in the Netherlands. i don’t live in Amsterdam but it is very nice! i like it too, its a great city full of creativity. i didn’t know that your mixtape was on CD man! nice to see, love too have one, very jalours by seeing girls who get them for free hehe. maybe they have one in Amsterdam 😉 i think New York is also a very nice, good city, also full of creativity, but never been there. hope to get there ones, or life there for a while. LA and SF are nice too i think. nice intervieuw bytheway.

    greetings from the Netherlands,

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