Words From Theophilus


Written in the Bathroom of Love


2 Responses to “Words From Theophilus”

  1. Vaughn J Says:

    That track is wild man…oos and ahhsss is the ride in your car in the night song.

  2. Aïsha Says:

    I was there at your show in Montreal @ Zoobizarre. I saw a guy I didn’t know his name at that time but we were looking at us. Your show was amazing, the best show I’ve seen this year. And god know that I’m always in a show. In April, I saw the same guy at Bloody Beetroots show and we spoke .. and now today we are not a couple already but .. we met in a place, in a moment that was amazing. Its was YOUR show. And I wanna thank you for this great moment. Your music si amazing.

    I love you broo

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