Good Evening…..


Exclusive // Theophilus London
Download:  Ooos And Ahhs

prod. Leatherette and feats. JB3


13 Responses to “Good Evening…..”

  1. yey.. that’s my boy jb3! I recognize those vocals ANYWHERE!

  2. feeling the exclusive track- keep the fire coming man

  3. Mario F-Bomb Says:

    killer song bro

  4. This is Rad

  5. its an okay track.. heard better from you. keep at it

  6. The groove on the backing tracks is super unique. You sire are the modern hip hop crooner. Keep it up!

  7. cool Shiznit bro, was cool to meet u at SXSW Green owwwwwl!

  8. goldxfish Says:

    very left from what i’ve heard from you[…] but thats what makes you fresh[..] keep switching it up[!] the thing you do [so well] is fit into the beat [as a whole]

  9. siiiickening. thanks for sharing

  10. so sick! keep it up!

  11. LaReineNoir Says:

    Amazing ! I go dumb listening to this …

  12. JasmineLDN Says:

    sexy, cool!

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